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What's in a Name?

“I won’t go. I won’t go, I tell ya!”, said the biker bent over on his knees and crying.

The president of the religious motorcycle ministry had given no explanation as to why this particular biker had to go to another ministry, but he looked pretty serious.

“This will be closer to your home.”, said the president.

I’m sitting there with my dumb ass, going “What’s going on?” Several years ago I had been at this particular biker’s home, eating pizza and salad with him and his wife. They were so friendly, they showed me their daughter’s pet rat. Ugh! He had mechanic experience so if I ever had trouble with my bike, their house would be the place to bring it! They were so nice.

Now, here we were at the Bar-B-Q place waiting to start the meeting and this man was on his knees crying to stay with the chapter. What gives?

The “Veteran Mafia” had caught up with me. They are the lawless veterans (maybe not lawless, the Veteran Administration and military and government know about them) that will kill and or fuck you for whatever. Apparently this biker was a member and he had the task of fucking me, their wives know. I have had men, black and white elbow me at the airport, churches (no names mentioned) antique shops, restaurants…and to this day, nobody knows anything. I can proudly say, “I AM VETERAN” (my book) Remember, I got the blood of Jesus covering me…

How do I know the wives know? They act funny around me. I know it’s discernment on my part because I asked the Lord to give me the gift of discernment. The last time I saw her; she wouldn’t even look me in the eye.

At the time I was in my late 60’s so I thought, damn…

Mr. white man you ‘sho like that black pussy, dead or alive.

Any way I stood up while he was on his knees ( looking like a fool), and walked out. I love riding motorcycles, so I was looking for another group to ride with. It was apparent being labeled a “christian group” did not protect me from shit.

I wound up in the Riders group of the American Legions. Whoever has been tapping my phone and computer tried very hard to find out who told me about the American Legion.

I got a lot of flack there in the beginning, they settled down when they saw I was not interested in fucking their men. How you gonna help veterans when you choose what veteran to help? Anyway I could ride again. I thank those guys and gals at the American Legions...I thank them for more than they know!

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