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Sergeant Frankie Dawson

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After graduating from Roosevelt High School in Dallas that May 1967; I went straight into the United States Air Force the summer of June 1967. 

I was a medic, women could choose to be a medic or work in an office.

I was assigned to Clark Air Base in the Philippines which was the largest hospital facility in the far east. Troops were deployed to Clark from Viet Nam, dead or alive,  before heading back to the states.

I stayed in the military 4 years. I left as a Buck Sergeant, three striper.


I took a test and became an Air Traffic Control Specialist for 10 years, acquired a private pilot’s license.  Lived in Puerto Rico for two years as a controller.


I'm available for interviews on the following topics:

- Being a woman officer -- the realities of service during the Vietnam war

- Being a Veteran

- Being a Medic 

- The aftermath of the war

- Living as a Veteran today

- Why I served and would do it again (in spite of the hardships)

- My TV Program, "A Veteran's Soul" 

- My new book, "I AM VETERAN"

- Why I write so "raw" about my experiences then and now


To understand my perspective, please read my blog and download "FRANKIE'S PROCLAMATION".  (Download available once you complete the form.)

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