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The Incident at the Printer (by Frankie Dawson)

Kahnn is or was the Moslem that works at the Corporate America business in Irving, Texas in the 2000’s. Like all foreigners; I think he’s Indian, they are always promoted over black women, some black men. He had taken a liking to the little blond hair, blue eyed supervisor, Kissy.

Kahnn is older, probably in mid-fifties, graying straight hair, short, about 5’6”, a smidgen shorter than me. His skin was darker than mine, hair growing out the side of his ears. He, like all Moslem men was grinning and talking to Kissy at the printer, white women are to respected, worshipped and are a great specimen for Allah. Maybe the bastard was horney that day. I’m sure his old ass is married, but that doesn’t stop them from flerting with the white girls.

I slowly walked up to the printer. Kissy is standing on the left side facing Kahnn, Kahnn is in the middle, facing Kissy, just skinning and grinning.

I walked up behind Kahnn on the other side of the printer.

I had documents printed from my seat, so it was normal to retrieve your prints off the printer and return to your seat.

As I was retrieving the papers,Kahnn elbowed me with his left elbow between my shoulder blades with a loud “BAM”.
It was so hard my knees buckled, as I hit the bottom panel of the printer. The top part of my body went down across the printer, cushioned by my breast, as my face just missed the wall, I was totally startled, fearful, really.

“Oh, God, Frankie didn’t do anything!” said Kissy with her surprised look as she pushed back her blonde locks.

Kahnn chuckled and kept on talking, facing Kissy, never turning to look at me. It was as if he had bumped a Niggar for the “pretty white gurl”.

Everybody saw the incident but kept their heads down and pretended to keep busy. Obama was President, jobs were hard to come by. They were firing occasional black males, and many black females. Everybody knew the invisible white men in the background, used the pretty young white women to announce they were fired.

I found out later the older white women were actually controlling the vulnerable white men and Mexicans with sex, just like the men had done to them, “reverse sexual harassment”, Lord, go figure. Now these people were claiming they were Christians. In the background, people fucking each other, playing games with other peoples’ lives. What goes around, comes around, though.

Any way, I was dazed, I couldn’t believe what just happened. Somehow, I knew he had been coerced and schooled to do that, you can do anything to a Niggar bitch in America. No matter your race, creed or color.

Marry and respect white; fuck black, especially the women, the black men have been conditioned to do the same.
Fact is they couldn't help you if they could, they got to keep their jobs, pay their bills, stay alive!

“Be careful girl, they want you to react, they anticipated you to retaliate with curse words and come out slinging and fighting”, I said to myself.

I didn’t say a word, but staggered back to my seat. I didn’t even report it. They knew.

I witnessed to Kahnn about the Lord after that. I asked him about knowing Jesus. He said he was Moslem, and that was that. I tried again the next year. He became more and more annoyed.

He’s still working at that corporation. They fired me., not for this incident, that would be too obvious.

In a way, I’d like him to keep his religion.

Like the parable of the rich man and Lazarus. In Luke 16:19-31.

Lord, I’d sure like to see his ass fry.
But you know you forgave me of a lot of things.
It’s sure hard to walk the straight and narrow, but
save Kahnn and his family, Lord.
You’re going to have to give me your love to distribute to people, I got none of my own.

If you can inhabit me, use me as your temple; then you can let your love shine through me, I don’t know how the hell that works, but do it,

It hurts to forgive!

It hurts to forgive!

It hurts to forgive!

I saw this in a movie once, Forgive everything! BONG BONG BONG
Feelings may change, winter to spring,
I love you till the end of time,,
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