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Lord, Let this Bless Someone by Frankie Dawson

Because of the Corona Virus, fear; I had been cooped up all week. I decided I needed to go to the grocery store in Fr. Worth called Central Market, off Hulen. They had treated me badly before, even the white women get in the act. Remember the white women are under bondage, too. I used to think the white man was in control, but I now see it's a spirit and principality that he's been controlled by. Don't let me forget, Niggars are forever his servant. So much fear, my free.

I smiled and got out of my truck. As I was walking into the store, I was greeted by a security guard (Mexican), he had fear in his eyes. He blocked me from going into the store but said nothing. I just walked around him. next!

On my way to Central Market, a white woman almost sidetracked me. She was in such a hurry. White women express their power by not looking at you. She speeded on in the parking lot. I was right behind her, funny we were both going to the same place. I was waiting for a man to back out the parking lot...seems like he took forever. The woman in the car that almost sidetracked me would not get out of her car.

I thought to myself, "What's taking her so long?"

I smiled and got out of my truck. As I was walking into the store, I was greeted by a security guard (Mexican), he had fear in his eyes. He blocked me from going into the store, but said nothing. I just walked around him.

A tall white man got in my way, he had that "USAF United States Air Force, look of, "I will fuck you Niggar, the almighty white woman told us you messed with her."

I really didn't expect this in the store, for all I knew, these veterans could have staged the whole thing. i.e. The woman that sidetracked me. You see when the white man is threatened...Niggars get scared. I trust you, Jesus. I believe your WORD.

When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. Psalm 56:3

I smiled at the woman that sidetracked me and got out of my truck. As I was walking into the store, I was greeted by a security guard (Mexican), he had fear in his eyes. He blocked me from going into the store but said nothing. I just walked around him.

I would ask where things, products were...nobody could help me. When I asked a white attendant; she would get a black woman to help me... or should I say Niggar?

Why tell this Frankie? Because I know I am being stalked, the military does not want the hurts them. What? The fact that rape, killings, murder goes on in the military and they are protected as long as they stay in. When they get out, the Niggars are killed, some whites. It's a Communist Democracy...

It's them women in the military. They ain't got no protection; let's fuck them. We can get away with it...let's stick together, men. Lesbian sisters, you're not included, so the homosexual community has to form your own inclusive military group...who's the fuckee? Niggar women, especially military women! We give the Niggar men access to "white pussy", now everybody's happy. After all, everybody knows Niggar women are expendable, and you know why? Niggar women are so afraid that they cannot get together. They will let a fellow sister go through hurt and humiliation, stand back, watch her suffer and participate in the animation if need be, then gladly celebrate her fall. The man controls the money, the jobs, for now. Fuck you, military.

Veterans want you to worship their white asses, Niggars, too, it feels good. You stick your chest out, you salute the flag; you are somebody...until you get out...then the civilian world treats you like shit so you have to blame somebody...It's the Niggars, right?

Oh, I got off the subject. Let me finish. Back to Central Market. Now you have to remember, the white folk do not want me shopping there. I had an encounter with a veteran white man, you can tell them, he was a setup. "She put her fingers on the handle after she tasted the nuts! She contaminated the store."He said.

He rushed over to the help, pointed at me, loudly accusing me of spreading the Coronavirus (smile). I laugh when I think about it. He disappeared in the store.

Now I'm checking out. I asked the black manager if they had hydrogen peroxide, she checked, got back with me. They had run out.

When I got all my groceries checked out, I asked the cashier,

"Since I got accused of contaminating the nuts in the bulk departments, I wonder if I could have them for free? Of course, she said no. I asked to speak to the manager. That's when big White, bitch, Deborah approached. She had a half-smile on her face

Damn it, I should have known to leave the store. That's the same look the people had on their faces at Tom Thumb on 7th street in Ft. Worth, TX. I'm a fucking target. I have got to listen more to the Holy Spirit!

Bitch Deborah got loud, still with that half-smile. She drug my cart outside the store, grabbed the security guard. Accused me of stealing. The security guard stood there, he didn't know what to do! He was scared...he unconsciously knew they, Central Market was using him to attack me, but he wouldn't. Your plan didn't work Deborah, if that's your real name, she would not give me her last name.

A black woman appeared out of nowhere, her name was Sonje. She was polite as they would allow. But oh, Central Market...Tom Thumb.

Zechariah 7:9-10 b Do not oppress Frankie. And do not scheme against her.

PSALM 14:6 The wicked frustrate the plans of the oppressed, but the LORD will protect Frankie.

The thing is Lord, please get the white man's penis aka United States Air Force out of my vagina. He fucks me continually. It wasn't enough in the military. Please white man, must you continually humiliate me? When will it end? Why are you so upset with me? You would go to my church, my family, my job... tell them about me. They would fantasize about me, some even tried to fuck me themselves. What did you say? Or were you alone, white man? Lesbian sisters, did you have a part? You and the white man are enemies, I know, but you agree on the oppression of me! Lord, I look to you only for justice.

Isaiah 43:18 "Do not remember the former things, Nor consider the things of old.

It's hard, Lord

Isaiah 43:19 Now, it shall spring forth

What, Lord?

2 Thessalonians 1:8, NIV: "He will punish those who do not know God and do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus."

Deut. 32:35 Vengeance is Mine, and recompense; Their foot shall slip in due time

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