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I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings…Surely he will deliver me from the Snare of the Fowler.

Remember the poem by Maya Angelou? "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings"

Everybody has their take on the poem

This is mine:

Back in the day, professional birdwatchers captured birds with nets spread on the ground, in traps and snares. They would take a young bird from a nest, raise it by hand, tame ‘em, then they would confine the bird in hidden cages so that their voices would call others of their kind to the spot.

Hidden bowmen would kill the unsuspecting birds by arrows or use a throw-stick (Ecc 11:30) They would hurl the stick in a rotary motion at the legs of the birds as they tried to run away.

There was also a practice of sewing a captured bird's eyelids together and confining it so that its cries would call large numbers of birds through curiosity.

Surely he will deliver me from the snare of the fowler.

What’s A Fowler? A person who hunts wildfowl.

What is a fowler’s snare? (Psalm 124:7)

6 Praise be to the Lord,

who has not let us be torn by their teeth.

7 We have escaped like a bird

from the fowler’s snare;

the snare has been broken,

and we have escaped.

8 Our help is in the name of the Lord,

the Maker of heaven and earth.

Hey veteran, who’s hunting you? Why do you find pleasure in seeing me stalked and hunted?

like a movie trailer…coming attraction…look at this caged bird singing…I just want to see her suffer…see how much she can take…

I see you all the time, veteran, or is it veterans? Maybe it's just oppressors, right? I feel sorry for you, though…you’d better know Jesus as your personal savior!

In grocery stores, at the check out, food is hidden so I have to return to the store, procedure not new to me, I’m black, still stalked . Restaurants, food tainted, just enough to get you sick.

Guitar lessons, was told I would receive an electric guitar. Was told to come back later to pick it up. Was told to take a picture…and sign this form…we won’t take your benefits. Why did they tell me that? Why are they so fearful?

I love seeing the white couples.

You know he’s a veteran, she’s just his ass kisser, they’re usually an I a celebrity?

You have to watch out for white women, I’ve be accosted by a few. You can tell who’s not saved. They look dark and forlorn.

Don’t forget the blacks. They help the fowler, “We ain’t never gave no electric guitar away.” Says the black girl at the receptionist’s desk with her blonde wig. Whole room full of people to greet the bird in the fowler’s snare. They offer me a used electric guitar. I keep the one they gave me.

They start out friendly, on the second meeting become hostile...who you talking to? Who's telling you about me? For once in my life, I don't need your approval.

Don't you know the battle has been raging and intense, but it is NOT bigger that the miracles that are awaiting me!

Trying to negotiate a deal. Led in a small room full of men, "ain’t you snapped yet, Frankie?"

Woman I greatly respect, Dolly Parton; I’d like to meet her one day. Her face is everywhere. I didn’t know they could use Country and Western Singers, I guess even Christians can be used. I think she’s a Christian. Wonder how much they’re paying her? Some day she’ll shake my hand and admit the truth. She knows.

The Hispanics are scared shitless. They attack me because the pressure is on them. They volunteer to do an assignment on me, leak my brakes (could have caused a deadly accident), accost my belongings…then they get punished! Damn, you got this thing down pact, veterans. But, it ain’t going to work...

Because the Asian girl got embarrassed in the spa, (read my previous blog), she tired to use her little son to (maybe 3 or 4 years old) to run into me in the park. They’re mostly Asians kids, now, that I see. I think they are trying to save face and appease the mother’s embarrassment.

Moslems, ah come on, you want in the picture, too. I order some fish at the market, you toss it around, then leave exposed fish on the scales to make a phone call, come back 20 minutes later. Shame on you, I heard there are thousands of Moslems being converted to Christianity.

Damn, everybody wants to be in the act!

So what about me? I GOT JESUS…AND THAT’S ENOUGH! I feel sorry for all the vets that previously lost their lives, or went berserk and hurt people from the pressure. They wanted so bad to be a part of the group, they couldn't stand rejection. Don't you know, once a veteran, always a veteran?

I don’t know where my counselor’s head is. He tells me to get out and do things. When I do, they are right on my tail…oh well. Jesus is mine. You see, that’s my ticket. I hope I can explain it where you can understand…

I hold tightly without wavering the hope I affirm, for God can be trusted to keep His promise. Hebrews 10:23

I want a closer relationship with HIM, Jesus. And because of all this…hey,


Sometimes the snare held fast, sometimes it broke; you know, the bird got away!

Proverbs 6:5:"Deliver thyself as a roe from the hands. of the hunter.And as a bird from the hand of the fowler.”

I’m free, I’m one of the ones that escaped…like the RAPTURE, the catching away of the Church and resurrection of all who have died previously in Christ. Rapture, rapture, rapture!!!

Stay safe,

Know Jesus.

P.S. If the rapture don’t come no time soon, like the Hebrew boys Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, I won’t serve your gods (Daniel 3:16-28)

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