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Homosexual Rape Experience by Frankie Dawson

As long as Niggars are seen in a bad light; it's okay, ain't that right military?

I always pray before I write my articles. Since the military, United States Air Force, deprived me of rights, civil and human; I'll just have to depend on Jesus and ask Him to heal me. I'll walk through anything He wants! I've been through enough religious conferences, studied with this ministry, and that ministry; Lord, deliver me...

I loved basic training in the United States Air Force; I learned a lot about my body...what to eat, how much sleep I needed, how hated lesbians were by the United States Air Force. (1967)

They hated them so much that when I would not report that I thought two women were lesbians; they labeled me one! Touche, mother fuckers...messed up my career.

I was the only black female out of 30, there was a mixture of good ole country girls and city girls a few Mexicans, with a smidgen of lesbians. How could I tell they were lesbians? I don't know...

They had a darkness about them, standoffishness, cold, and not accepting. They recruit, now, though.

Remember, I was an 18-year-old black girl fresh out of high school (schools were still segregated in Texas). I was given the task of being the Dorm Chief after three tries with older more experienced women failing at the job. I lasted but built up many enemies. I didn't even know I had built up some enemies. I was so naive.

You would think the homosexuals and lesbians would-be sister, brother allies. Well, they were not in the Air Force back in the 60's and early 70's. This was before they could marry.

In my book, "I AM VETERAN" I share the experience of just walking on base after being promoted to permanent party at Lackland Air Base. and being whisked away into some barracks and sodomized. Sodomization is legal now! No big deal, It was just a Niggar...payback is coming, America!

How did I know he was a homosexual?

Scene: Older white fuck stay in the room while younger white fuck sodomize and or rape (opps! Sorry, White fucks don't rape Niggar women) they just "have their way"!

Education about the military...

After basic training; these young boys are victimized by the older evil demonic men. (could that be the reason it's changed to 30 years, now? They know your old ass ain't good for nothing else after the military.) If they, the young recruit, looks good enough, they are raped, beaten, or whatever the older airman wants to do to them. These are young men in the prime of their life If these young innocent boys make it through the initiation; he or she is now, "In the Air Force"! Now get this, these boys still want pussy, remember, they are fresh out of high school, some of them were sexually active; hence the older fuck will provide him with free, no hold's barred WAF pussy. But he is still slave to the older airman, you are obligated to fuck! If you resist; you're out! You can't transfer anywhere else, because these evil fucks run the military! God, help us! Young man, you are guaranteed no repercussion!!! What about the war going on? What about it?

SEX is worship! Whether a man, woman or animal or demon!

You have got to know Jesus... What are you doing United States Government? You call "Black Lives Matter" Marxist, but you have been practicing it instead of democracy.

God! How do we stop all this? Lord, I want Justice and repercussions! I'm expecting a change from you, Lord! How long, Lord? Promise me this won't be another, business as usual!

Wait for the LORD and keep His way, and He will raise you up to inherit the land. When the wicked are cut off, you will see it.

The righteous will rejoice when they see they are avenged; they will wash their feet in the blood of the wicked.

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