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Happy Birthday ME by Frankie Dawson

On September 3, 2020, I came home to 8 or 10 policemen standing in my living room with my 29-year-old son pacing back and forth between them murmuring unrecognized words. My husband was sitting on the living room steps watching the whole thing. A gurney was off to the side to transport my son somewhere preordained.

One of the cops said, "He won't get in!"

"What happened, I said?"

I had a flash back:

Just a few months ago, my son was transferred to John Peter Smith Psychiatric Hospital. I went with him in the ambulance to the hospital. Along the way there was a short white man (the military like using short white men) posing as a paramedic. He played his part well. I know he was studying me, but what can you do?

While we were at the nurse's station; they brought in a young black man on a gurney, I saw some blood on the gurney, the young man was unconscious. They wheeled him into one of the rooms; then wheeled him out again. Now get this. I was at an angle I could see all this going on. The officers played their parts well. The young black man was already dead when they arrived at the hospital...The time in the little emergency room was less than 5 minutes...then they wheeled him out again probably to the morgue.

I clutched my son; I panicked with tears and all. GOD...I'm living in this injustice...Lord, where are you?

"You believe my word or not! I give strength to the weary and increase the power of the weak (Is. 40:29) No Word spoken by you from ME is without Power. (Luke 1:37)" said the Lord.

Back to the present:

"What happened, I said?"

"He won't go to the hospital."

"Why are there four police cars outside my home, a fire truck and an ambulance?"

No answer.

"Who's got that kind of money to afford all this traffic at my house? Who has that kind of power to make the city stop by my house? Who can't stand the TRUTH? Oh, God, America...It's not too late to repent! Don't you see Jesus is coming back? Of course, me and my family will be gone in the rapture (I'll tell you about that later)"

Remember my cry America, "Avenge me of my adversary"...Luke 18:2-3
The woman did not want revenge, she wanted JUSTICE!

My son got on the gurney, he went to the same JPS Hospital...they gave him a voucher and sent him home the next morning in his hospital pajamas. I was so happy to have my son home. Ain't it funny how God works things out? They didn't give him those expensive shots and knock him out like they have been...thank you Lord for sending my son home, alive!

I wish I could write "in tongues" I'm 'sho saying some good stuff through the Holy Spirit!

Oh yeah, today is my birthday! Happy birthday to me! I got a lot to be thankful for!

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