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The Monkey in the Cage (by Frankie Dawson)

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

A few years ago, my family and I went to the San Diego Zoo in California. After we paid for our high priced ticket; I saw a peacock way upon the roof of the entrance way, out of the corner of my eye, I thought,

“What is he doing way up there?”

As we approached the trains for riding the circumference of the zoo, this giant peacock flew down in the middle of the crowd and started prancing around. He spread his beautiful blue and green iridescent tail feathers before the crowd, It looked like a giant oriental fan. He showed no fear. He was not in a cage. He just strutted around, making those bird sounds.

The crowd was spell bound, you heard “Aha’s and Oh's, wow, look at that.” People stopped in their tracts. All kinds of people, all ages. The looks on their faces were priceless, They were admiring the beauty of a creature who reveled in who he was. He walked around freely, and was brave enough to not fear anyone would touch him. He knew he was in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

In contrast, the Gorilla cage was not so pleasant, He was locked up in steel bars, his vision was clouded with bars and concrete, His eyes were sad, He didn’t prance around like a proud bird, his steps were deliberate and quick, Many times he turned his back on the crowd. and oh yes, if he felt like it. he would throw feces at anyone who got too close. This is the behavior of all the monkeys all over the world.

Why can’t they be happy where they are? They’re getting their meals without effort, meals that are vitamin enriched, and of the finest quality, They have their private area for sleeping nestled with cushions of hay. But…they’re being watched all the time,,, their not trusted. The zoo keeper knows their strength, so they have to be extra careful to make sure they don’t display their strength and break out of the system.

They have tasted freedom, killed to survive, swung from trees freely, felt the wind in their faces, smelled the real jungle. Now society says we don't want their kind around us, put them in a cage, lock 'em up.

Peacock, young recruit, just serving your country…this land is not so free, and afraid of the brave. Get to know Jesus, I mean really well. You will need His strength. Be comfortable in your own skin, you will be judged and scrutinized after you get out. Veterans, hang in there, the Truth always trumps Fact. i.e. Fact: I served my country. Truth: God is pleased with me.
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